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Goldstone Packaging Jiaxing Co., Ltd

Covering about 63,000 square meters (95 acres). Invested in 2004. Fully built and put into operation in 2006. From then on, it grows every year with 30% speed. Goldstone Jiaxing factory is the large flexible production site in Yangtze River Delta region. It has owned GMP standard workshop and obtained Pharmaceutical packaging material registration certificate. We now have over 350 employees, with annual output of laminated film 11000 tons, mainly focus in dairy, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic packaging.



Jiaxing Yandang Packaging Co., Ltd

Covering about 85,000 square meters (127 acres), Jiaxing Yandang is invested in 2004 and begin production in 2005. From then on, the growing rate achieve 35% every year. The Goldstone Yandang factory is the large Container production site in Yangtze River Delta. We now have over 300 employees, with annual output of Container 10000 tons.