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Our company has a highly qualified quality assurance team, they all have a college degree or above, they have rich management experience, with great quality control ability.We have 200㎡ test center, consists of physical, chemical and microbiological laboratories. Equipped with various advanced testing equipment, adopted the ISO9001 international quality management system, make the raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products under strict monitoring, to ensure good quality and quick delivery.


Our company established a impeccable management system. We passed ISO9001 management system certificate in year 2003.We use self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection during the production. Workshop operators should do self inspection for their products, and we do mutual inspection between two processes. And the quality dept. assign people do special inspection for each process and record the inspection results. Ensure the product quality; provide customer the high quality products. 


Produce health, safety, environmental protection packing products; Meet customer requirements , meet commitments; Keep continuous improvement and innovation, make the product quality always been in the industry leading level.